Welcome to 16th Cellar Studio, I am Stefano Morabito. The studio has been active since the beginning of 2000, I have been into audio recording since 1996.
My 20+ year journey into metal recording has brought me working with many successful bands, such as FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, DECREPIT BIRTH, HIDEOUS DIVINITY, HOUR OF PENANCE, MASTER BOOT RECORD, LILI REFRAIN, and countless great record companies, Nuclear Blast Rec, Prosthetic Rec, Unique leader Rec, Metal Blade Rec, Prosthetic Rec.

Metal recording has greatly evolved, Therefore some albums are totally recorded here in the facility, while some other are recorded remotely, or from a home setup, then brought here to be boosted and made huge, through the experience acquired in so many years, and a professional setup, with high-end audio equipment. Here, we fully integrate with the band’s needs and budgets.

Want to hear how your voice sounds through a vintage Neumann U67, telefunken preamp and telefunken compressor? Here you can. Or maybe, something modern like an Advanced audio CM12 on an api 512c on an api 527 compressor? we have a huge selection of modern and vintage gear at your hands.

I always like to work closely with the band, and help speed up the process, both if it’s on site and if it’s on a home setup, Helping, with easy to follow PDF instructions on how to do things at home, After that, the band is completely capable to make the best out of their music! I always try to follow the band, even after the album is finished, and when possible, boost them the more i can with my connections. Rule is: the more successful you are, the more succesful the studio is.

i have more than 1700+ verified credits that you can check here

Contact me, to ask about pricing and quotes. Every project is different, every budget is different, we gladly work it out, case for case, with the client.

In conclusion, Thanks for reading through the whole article and see you in the studio!!!

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Every band is different. I tailor each production on the needs of the client. but I also aim for a certain general sound that my ears find “right” and has defined my work since now. Clean and brutal drums and guitars, massive weight and sharpness on the final product.
My approach is hybrid. I use the best of the two worlds, Analog and Digital. I use different outboard, from vintage equalizers or compressors, to modern eq/comps to the latest analog outboard with digital recall for total DAW integration.
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